Tools and Generators converts an image into text using 1's and 0's.
Chami generate a favIcon from a picture, logo or other graphic.
Picture Cloud free 360 degree image maker.
Table Maker input your specifications and copy the code.
SpinWave gif and jpg cruncher. Free test version at site. They offer unlimited use for paying members.
Freepolls add polls to your site. Free version has an ad. They offer an ad free pay version.
Frame Maker enter your specifications into the form to generate frame HTML.
HotSource cascading style sheets code generator.
w3c xml Tidy enter a URL to clean up your HTML. Includes option to indent output.
WDG HTML Validator Paste your HTML into a text area to be validated. spell check a word or paste text in a text area to check all words.
Aleph0 Julia and Mandelbrot set explorer. Free to use.
007 Fonts free fonts. Logo maker was not working the last time I tried it.
ABC Banners banner making tool. Free to use. Site has a lot of ads.
Systran language translation tool. Enter up to 150 words in a text area or a web address you wish to translate.
Nifty Text can generate the HTML for rainbow and multicolored text. Written in JavaScript.
Cool Archive free fonts, animations, backgrounds, icons and a logo generator. Site has a lot of ads.
Create a Graph create an area, bar, line graph or pie chart. Up to 15 parameters can be entered.
Babel Fish Translation from Altavista. Translate a block of text or a web page.
X-Face Converter generates 48px by 48px x-face image for use in e-mail.
Acme Laboratories has a free label maker and license maker along with other freeware.
Image Map the poormans image map HTML generator.
ImageBot free image generating tool from
Delorie web page backward compatibility viewer. Select the tags the browser is to see.
Network Tools ping, whois and DNS records loop up tools.
Signboard Factory generate an image. 4 styles to choose from.
Menu Maker from webreference. Generates a HTML select menu.
Image Magick free image utility. Lots of options are available.
Jalenack complete rounded corners generator, with css/js/html codes for usage.
Netmechanic power tools for web sites. Includes a free gif cruncher.
Coder banner generator tool. Enter your text and parameters into the form to make your image.
Cool Text free graphics generator. Buttons or logos.
3D Text free text image generator. Options include animated transition effects.
Iqauto 3d graphics generator. Includes textures, arc, offset, and shadow effects.
Animation Online have a free banner generator. Other services are provided for members.
BlendGif will combine several single-frame GIF files into a new, animated GIF file.
InsideDHTML tool to create horizontal or vertical rules.
FlashButtons generate a flash button image. Free buttons included a small link back to their web site.
Netcraft see what a site is running. Can show a graph of uptime if the data is available.
Unreel Productions encoder to hide your email address from the evil spam bots.
SuperTom cascading javascript drop down menu generator.
Crecon free banner tool. Use their background or your own image. Can add up to two lines of text. text image generating tool from Features a large number of fonts to choose from.
GIFCruncher webreference form input to Spinwave GIFCruncher tool. Free demo reduces gifs by 30%.
VisiBone web master's color laboratory for helping to select web page colors. 216 colors.
ColorMatch color scheme chooser. Shows eight related colors and sample layout. Export to Photoshop, illustrator or a text file.
Hyper Files free service to attach an image from the web to an email.
Samurajdata viewer for PostScript, PDF and Word documents. Postscript and PDF files are shown as gifs, Word documents as HTML.
TSM the shape machine POV-Ray rendering utility. Currenty not working.
Ad Hoc IP Tools multiple IP look up tool forms. Some may not be working.
Buttons simple button generator from
Texis thunderstone button menu generator. Font, color, bevel options.
Adobe advanced form input for a PDF to HTML converter.
Adobe simple form input for the PDF to HTML converter
NumSum free web based sharable social spreadsheets.
alphaWorks translate a web page or a block of text.
Alter Page from Crecon. Alter the text size and color, background color, remove background and table images, or view as text only.
Browser Spy see what information you browser is sending out.
Domaina FTP WorkStation free editing file transfer tool powered by Domania. analyze your connections. Information about internet privacy.
Cotse Elephants Toolbox. Trace and lookup tools.
Voy Forums free forums , message boards and discussion boards.
AdDesigner design and download a banner ad in seconds. Must join to use. Currently free to join.
VoyCabulary makes the words on any webpage into links so you can look them up in a dictionary or other word-reference-site of your choice, by simply clicking on the words.
CGM Split Composite GIF Machine for two color images. Currently down. Script throws an error.
CGM Plain one color gif generator. Output is available as a URL
Linuxenvy simple banner image generator. Includes output for WebTV.
TOM File Conversion convert a file or URL from one format to another. Approximately 39 different format to choose from.
Surfola anonymous surfing tool, free to try.
Icon-O-Matic choose an image and make an icon.
Hiveware encrypt your Email address and convert the result to a self evaluating JavaScript, hiding it from Email-harvesting robots which crawl the web looking for exposed addresses.
Gardiner's Encoder output email address in ascii to hid from spam bots.
Draac's tools and code help for your web site.
Photoshop-Stuff PhotoShop tutorials and downloads.
ActionFX PhotoShop and Elements design resources.
Tutorial Park PhotoShop tutorials and articles.
PhotoShop 101 tutorials, tips, and information.
Good Tutorials over 5800 PhotoShop tutorials.
PhotoShop Techniques community supported site dedicated to helping users of all skill levels get the most out of Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Studio Exchange actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files.
Zymic has a selection of PhotoShop tutorials.
PhotoShop Cafe tutorials, tips, news, reviews and discussion.
PhotoShop User Resource for Adobe PhotoShop training, education, and news.
Planet PhotoShop resources, tutorials, courses and news on events.
PhotoShopNews the latest news and info on the top pixel-wrangling application on the planet.

Images and Sound

TomaWeb free GIF button generator. Select colors, font and add your caption.
QuickBanner banner and button tool. GIF generators are free to use. Advanced and flash image require payment.
Best Midi's links to midi collections around the web.
ProDraw Buttons large collection of free button images. Good designs.
VirtualLand free animated GIFs. Alphabets, bullets / buttons, animated flags, lines / bars, sports related and misc. GIFs.
GRSites a collection of collections. Background textures, graphics, fonts, button and logo maker, and a sound effects archive.
Animfactory free 3d animations and clip art. Membership required to access all their images.
MusicRobot is a midi search engine. Options to search by band or song.
A-1 Icon free clipart and graphics. Site is tied into
Sunet MIDI a to z index of midis. Artists grouped in their own directory.
Retards Midi small open index of midi files.
Picsearch image search engine. Had advanced search and preferences options.
Clipart Castle photos, web graphics, clipart, fonts and animations.
Nutrocker Corner Images free rounded corner images in various colors.
Nevr2L8 bars , lines and divider gifs. image search engine.
IconBazaar large collection of clipart and animated images grouped by category.
hp CD Covers cd covers and labels from the hp digital photo projects page.
Rats2u alphabetical index of animated GIFS sites on the web.
Silly WAV's a small collection of wav files. Simpsons, beam me up, animal house...
Art Ala Carte color coordinated backgrounds, banners, buttons and bars for your personal home pages.
Dolphin Dream's midi collection.
Clip Art Universe animated gifs, pictures, backgrounds, dividers and buttons.
Web Clip Art from Links to collections and resources around the web. large collection of animated gifs, backgrounds and buttons. Grouped by category.
bTd MIDI midi collection. Grouped by style. Features a midi search engine.
Clipart Warehouse large collection of free web graphics.
Standard MIDI list of composers offering midi files on the web.
GraphX Kingdom collection of thousands of free clipart, icons, backgrounds, bars, and interfaces. aiff au and wav sound file search engine. Optons for stereo / mono, resolution, sample rate, and file size.
Anthony's Icon Library index of buttons, symbols, squares and lines.
Mod Archive grouped alphabetically. Features over 29493 compressed music files.
Icon Browser icon search engine. Icons grouped by page number.
ButtonLand free buttons for your web page. Selection of textures and colors for light or dark backgrounds.
Leo's Icon Archive large collection of icons grouped by category.
Image/Video a content-based image and video search and catalog tool for the web.
EarthStation 1 sights and sounds of the known and unknown universe.
Buzzwood Midi midi voice tester. Grouped by instrument.
ImageNetion image collection. Pin-ups, modern drotic art, fine nudes, fantasy, digital art, and comics.
Graphic Maps custom maps, free clip art. An atlas of maps, flags and more.
Cool Stuff Midi midi and wav collection.
Lindys Graphics scenic and various images grouped by category.
AllFreeArt clipart, web graphics and photos for your website.
FreeFoto large collection of fee photographs for private non-commercial use.
Pambytes hundreds of original, totally free web page graphics. Sets tiles, borders, buttons, etc..
Infinite Fish seamless textures. 195* currently available.
GIF Finder 1 huge selection of animated gifs. Site in two parts.
Iconolog a collection of over 7419 icons.
Lynnemusic Midis the music of Bjorn Lynne. Midi and other downloads. avatars to brighten up your posts.
SpoonLoads fonts, stock photos, icons, wallpaper, winamp skins... straight up desktop downloads.
Foto Stock Image Search purchase stock photo images, digital illustrations, map clipart, picture clip art, and stock footage clips.
DaFont download fonts to use in your documents, create titles or logos.
GemFonts more than 300 downloadable fonts.
1001 Free Fonts large collection of free windows and mac fonts.
Ookaboo has images that are available free under public domain or Creative Commons that can be used on web sites and for classwork and other creative projects.

Counters and Stats

AddFreeStats Inlive counts the number of visitors currently present on your site and displays it in a small box. You can define your own design. You can change the text, the colors and the size of the box.
TheCounter must pay to use. Shows site and browser statistics.
TopStat UK free private use version. Reports on website-visits.
Boing Dragon's Lair free counter. Displays as a gif image. Has ability to locally host the graphics generator CGI for fast display.
Bravenet offers free counters with an account manager. Includes comprehensive statistics.
eXTReMe Tracking has a free and paid version. Free version uses a small image on your site and is limited to one tracker on one page per site. Provides in-depth statistics.
NedStat USA basic free counter for private use to paid counters. Free version features site statistics, new graphs, maps. They also list you in the Catalogue, private sites grouped by category and country.
Fastcounter from Microsoft bCentral. Free statistical counter. Different styles to choose from.
PlemSoft Counter free 30day demo, must pay to use. Provides in-depth traffic analysis.
EasyCounter basic web page counter for up to 200 pages. Counter displays an ad.
AADDZZ provides free counters and trackers. Some may include ads.
Site Meter ad free numeric counter that also includes visitor tracking statistics.
Stats4all paid statistical counter service.
Digits free and paid web auditing and counting services.
Free Site another list of counters and trackers.
Counter List yet another list of counters and trackers.

MsnTV Only Newsgroups
Usenet / Fourms